TBI & Concussions

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Hyperbaric oxygen helps relieve symptoms of TBI by providing brain tissue with increased oxygen, promoting angiogenesis (growth of new blood vessels), and decreasing inflammation.

Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy decreases inflammation and increases energy (ATP) production in brain tissue. Because red light encourages an increase in nitric oxide, it helps with oxygen uptake that comes during a hyperbaric session. Here at OPTI Health, we “stack” these modalities to increase their efficacy.

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When the brain experiences physical trauma, brain waves are often dysregulated. There is often an increase in Beta and Gamma waves, with a decrease in alpha and theta waves. Since alpha and theta are associated with relaxation and light sleep, these disturbances are associated with increase in anxious thoughts. Neurofeedback can “retrain” these brain waves to address these dysregulations.


Amare Global supplements help improve emotional well-being, physical energy and motivation, some of the things people struggle with following an assault to the brain. Other supplements may be recommended, depending on micronutrient status.


EWOT, like HBOT, increases oxygenation to damaged tissues. In EWOT, the heart provides the pressure to pump oxygen to the tissues. EWOT also operates like a HIIT workout, which have been shown to improve executive function.