Cognitive Challenges

Focus and Attention

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A number of different challenges can cause trouble focusing, including ADHD, anxiety, trauma, and learning disorders. In addition to diagnosable issues, common factors such as the chronic stress from work and life, poor diet and sub-optimal sleep habits often lead to focus and attention issues.

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Brain Fog

Brain fog is exactly what it sounds like – a murky mind. “Fog” symptoms can be caused by stress, sleep changes, medications, viruses and other factors resulting in confusion, memory issues, and a lack of focus. Brain fog can affect even the simplest of tasks, impacting not only the patient but family members as well.

Brainwave Dysregulation

Brain waves have expected patterns and ratios throughout the brain. Dysregulation of these expected patterns come from stress, physical and emotional trauma, poor sleep, viruses, toxins and sometimes immunizations. When brainwaves are dysregulated, ie. Alpha waves high in the left hemisphere or Beta waves high in the right hemisphere, symptoms of depressive or anxious thoughts arise. When Delta and Theta waves are dysregulated, it can result in attention and focus issues.

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Negative Moods

Negative moods can arise from trauma, vitamin deficiencies, brainwave dysregulation, hormonal deficiencies and gut imbalances. When mood is very low, motivation remains low, relationships and work may be affected.


Poor sleep comes from a variety of factors: brainwave abnormalities, poor blood sugar regulation, blue light toxicity, lack of exercise and hormonal imbalance. Let us help you find the root cause of your sleep issue and come up with a comprehensive plan to get you back to sleep!

Anxious Thoughts

It is estimated that 19% of the population in the US struggles with anxious thoughts. Anxious thoughts can arise from traumatic experiences, physical trauma, gut imbalances, brainwave dysregulation and vitamin deficiencies.

Health Coaching

Health Coaching helps clients who have cognitive struggles set goals, learn to overcome obstacles and utilize their innate character strengths to set a long-term vision for positive mental health. Our coaches have access to micronutrient testing as well as genetic testing, to help identify areas where there may be deficiencies or genetic predispositions to certain conditions. We act as the guide at your side, to co-create your individualized plan.

IV Therapies

IV therapies can help to improve cell and brain health. B vitamins lower homocysteine levels in the blood. NAD+ has the following benefits:

Infrared Sauna for Detox

If cognitive dysfunction is caused by toxins or heavy metals, the infrared sauna is a great adjunct to any treatment plan.