Peak Performance

Male athlete doing stretching exercise, back view

We work with athletes to improve their performance, recovery and resilience. Most athletic endeavors only focus on the physical build-up. However, recovery is just as, or more important to ensure top performance. We use data driven tools to ensure our athletes can handle the physical stress of everyday training, but also the mental stress of competition.

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Couple stretching at the beach


Whether you align with the philosophy of Dave Asbury or follow the teachings of Dr. Peter Atia, the concept of biohacking involves making gradual adjustments to your body, dietary habits, and overall lifestyle to enhance your well-being. Our ultimate objective is to help you achieve your highest possible quality of life.

Workout, Injury, Surgery Recovery

Recovery is often forgotten or given too little respect when it comes to meeting your health and fitness goals. Healing/recovery modalities such as hyperbaric oxygen, red light, infrared sauna and compression decrease inflammation, reducing pain and accelerate your body’s ability to heal.


When we evaluated supplement companies, we looked at several key metrics to determine who to align ourselves with:

Amare Global, the Mental Wellness Company, met all of these requirements and then some. Recommendations are made in conjunction with medical staff and testing data, on the best supplement to OPTImize your mental and physical health.