Exercise with Oxygen Training

Elevate your fitness with EWOT! The LIVE O2 adaptive contrast system allows you to simulate high altitude training coupled with concentrated oxygen to optimize your workouts, boost endurance, and enhance overall physical performance.

Maximize the results of EWOT with a customized health plan that includes other powerful treatments. Start the journey now!

Not Your Average Exercise Routine

Unlock the full potential of your workouts with Exercise with Oxygen Training (EWOT), a cutting-edge fitness approach designed to elevate your exercise routine and optimize your overall well-being. Discover how EWOT can transform your fitness journey, enhance your endurance, and promote various health benefits.

How EWOT Works:

EWOT involves the combination of exercise and supplemental oxygen to create a unique training experience. During an EWOT session, individuals perform moderate to intense exercise while breathing in higher levels of oxygen than what is typically found in the ambient air. This is achieved by using specialized equipment that delivers concentrated oxygen, allowing your body to absorb and utilize oxygen more efficiently.

The increased oxygen availability during exercise supports enhanced energy production, improved cellular function, and accelerated recovery. This synergistic combination of exercise and elevated oxygen levels creates a powerful environment for optimizing physical performance.

Who Can Benefit from EWOT:

Individuals looking to enhance their athletic performance, endurance, and recovery can benefit from integrating EWOT into their training regimen.

EWOT can be particularly beneficial for seniors aiming to maintain or improve their cardiovascular health, energy levels, and overall well-being.

Under the guidance of healthcare professionals, EWOT may be suitable for individuals with certain respiratory conditions, helping to improve oxygen uptake and respiratory function.

For those with demanding schedules, EWOT offers an efficient and effective way to maximize the benefits of exercise in a shorter amount of time.

Optimize Your Health with EWOT

Whether you’re an athlete seeking a competitive edge, a senior looking to maintain vitality, or someone in search of an innovative fitness approach, EWOT could be the key to unlocking your full potential. Explore the transformative benefits of Exercise with Oxygen Training and elevate your fitness experience today! Contact the team at OPTI Health now to get started.

Health Benefits of EWOT

About Us

Our family’s journey included years of struggling to find treatments and therapies for our children that would actually yield results.

We resisted the trap of traditional medicine, which only treats symptoms and not root causes. Instead, we explored restorative treatments like hyperbaric oxygen, infrared and compression therapies, as well as brain health programs like qEEG and Neurofeedback.

The results were astounding.

We realized early on how beneficial it would be if these various restorative treatments were housed in one facility.

That's how OPTI Health was born.

- Aimee Rabon

OPTI Health is an amazing place, with HBOT, EWOT, redlight, brain mapping, and neurofeedback under one roof. My son has struggled with inflammation, ADHD, and mold illness for some times. Mike and Stacey and the whole staff have been amazing. We are very fortunate to have a place like this so close.

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