Brain Health


Brain health OPTImization program utilizing industry leading cognitive assessments, CREYOS and qEEG, coupled with neurofeedback training and brain health coaching to OPTImize your brain.

Gain more control and regulation over moods, emotions and symptoms of brain-based conditions like anxiety, depression, ADHD, memory impairment and PTSD.

Improve Attention & Focus

Neurofeedback sessions aim to train the brain to function more calmly and efficiently allowing you to process information more easily. Training can help the brain balance brainwaves, which in turn, decreases the symptoms, or in many cases, can eliminate them entirely.

Memory Loss & Related Issues

Studies have shown that neurofeedback training can improve memory function, attention, and working memory performance for normal aging adults.

Freedom from Panic & Out Of Control Emotions

Neurofeedback can help you create a new and more harmonious way of thinking by training your brain to create healthier neural connections. These new connections allow you to think more clearly and efficiently. As a result, you can learn to regain control of your emotions for the long term.

Improve Sleep Quality

Sleeping disturbances can significantly interfere with daily functioning, leading to feelings of irritability, fatigue, weariness, and challenges in maintaining focus. Beyond the constant fatigue, such disruptions are also linked to an increased risk of various diseases, such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and heart-related conditions. Persistent or recurring sleep problems are prevalent, affecting approximately 10-15% of people globally. Addressing these issues promptly is crucial because the longer they persist, the more challenging they become to manage. Therefore, recognizing sleep problem symptoms early on and consulting with a healthcare professional for timely evaluation and diagnosis is essential.

Get in the ZONE

Training your brain to stay engaged, present and focused allows you to operate at your best, most OPTImized performance.

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Happy Clients


Counseling helps to heal the mind, medications help to regulate symptoms until healing is achieved and Neurofeedback heals the brain. Neurofeedback improves brain function so you can engage in the counseling process more fully, allowing you to make more conscious, healthy decisions in your everyday life. With time and the help of your doctor, clients will often decrease some medications or cease having the need for them at all.

Depending on the age and condition of the client, a Neurofeedback session is typically 30 minutes long. Total time from check in to end of session is 1 hour. One session per week is the minimum recommendation to see improvement while additional weekly sessions will help individuals see improvement faster.

Neurofeedback, like with any kind of learning and training, requires practice and consistency. The length of the path is unique to each client. Results from Neurofeedback training are seen gradually, over time with consistency. Most people see progress within 15 sessions for most conditions. The average total number of sessions is 25-35 for most individuals. A minimum of 20 sessions is needed for learning to be consolidated so the client can maintain the gains that have been made.

Neurofeedback, like many other natural treatments, are not currently covered under insurance.

Skeptism can be healthy and often means more research is required. These resources can be helpful as your doctor looks into Neurofeedback.