What is Neuromuscular Massage?

Neuromuscular massage, also known as myofascial trigger point massage or myofascial release, is a specialized massage technique that employs targeted, sustained pressure on tense muscle bands, referred to as myofascial trigger points. The aim is to alleviate tension and enhance blood flow.

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What are the objectives of Neuromuscular Massage?

Neuromuscular massage therapy, a type of soft tissue massage, seeks to address chronic muscle and nervous system issues. Primarily used for treating trigger points, it addresses concerns such as circulation problems, nerve compression, postural issues, and injuries from repetitive movements.

How frequently should one undergo Neuromuscular Massage?

For specific issues like chronic pain or muscle tension, more frequent neuromuscular massage sessions may be beneficial initially. This could involve weekly or bi-weekly appointments to target trigger points and alleviate discomfort.

Soft Tissue and Neuromuscular Massage

Soft tissue injuries and acute trauma often result in prolonged pain due to slow healing processes. Neuromuscular massage offers a targeted approach to alleviate aches and pains by addressing muscular system issues, improving specific body areas, and enhancing overall health.

How does Neuromuscular Massage work?

This therapy involves manipulating pained areas through stretching and self-care tactics, akin to physical therapy. Manual stimulation of the body reduces pain and enhances flexibility. Techniques may include pressure point application, particularly in the neck to alleviate neck pain, and teaching clients stretches and self-care practices for continued health improvement.

What conditions can Neuromuscular Treatments address?

Neuromuscular treatments are effective for various soft tissue injuries caused by overexertion or repeated movements. Conditions commonly treated include carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, neck pain, headaches, tendonitis, sciatica, TMJ syndrome, circulatory problems, back pain, and shoulder pain. Those experiencing acute musculoskeletal pain are potential candidates for this treatment, determined through a consultation appointment.

Neuromuscular massage offers a range of benefits, including pain reduction, increased energy, improved circulation, enhanced posture, and the restoration of flexibility and strength.

Whether dealing with a recent injury or prolonged pain, this therapy contributes to comprehensive bodily health. For more insights into the benefits of neuromuscular massage tailored to your needs, consider scheduling a consultation.

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Seven Advantages of Neuromuscular massage:

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